Why Corda

The only blockchain app development platform built for highly regulated industries

Permissionless blockchain platforms—in which all data is shared with all parties—are largely unsuited for regulated businesses. That’s why we developed Corda—a multi-party platform for building DLT-based solutions that only share data with relevant parties.

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Develop distributed apps fast and flexibly

Only Corda-powered apps allow businesses to build interoperable blockchain networks that transact directly and privately. Build CorDapps in Java, a language used by over 12M developers, to meet unique business needs and solve complex business problems in real-time.

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The Corda roadmap

Since Corda’s open source debut in 2016 we’ve had four full releases. Our latest release features 1800+ commits with many new features!

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Blockchain 101

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology initially created for direct, valuable transactions without the need of an intermediary. It was originally invented for the use of Bitcoin, a digital currency system created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Explore more about blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and R3—the enterprise software firm behind Corda.

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