We are now offering an enterprise-grade support service for organisations developing and deploying Corda solutions.

R3 is committed to helping make your Corda solutions a success, and is able to provide professional support to organisations both during development, and once your solutions have been deployed to Production.  We have a team of Corda experts to provide you with a professional support service and help address issues encountered with Corda.

For organisations wishing to register for Corda Support, please contact [email protected] to discuss your support needs. We continue to provide support to our development partners and, along with our burgeoning open-source community, we continue to provide informal support to developers everywhere via our Stack Overflow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Corda Support?

Corda Support is available to any organisation registered with a Corda Support contract – please contact [email protected] to discuss your support needs. Each registered organisation can nominate up to three individuals who can then each be registered to have access to Corda Support.

How can developers access Corda Support?

We currently provide two channels – email and web portal. Once an individual is registered they are able to send emails to Corda Support to log support requests, or log them via our Support Portal. We will be introducing a telephone channel for Production support.

What are the response times for addressing support requests?

All support requests raised for development support have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 8 hours for the Initial Response Time. For Production support the SLA is linked to the Priority of the incident:

Priority Initial response time
1 2 hours
2 4 hours
3 12 hours
4 24 hours


How is the Priority of an incident set?

The user proposes a priority (based on the descriptions below). This is reviewed by the Support Team and if changes are necessary, this is discussed with the user.

  • Priority 1 – where the software is not operational and no workaround is possible, or a workaround exists, but is unacceptable because of the impact on core business activities. Error results in the use of the software being severely impacted or completely unavailable and affects most end users
  • Priority 2 – where the software is operational, but its functionality is seriously affected and where implementing a workaround is time consuming and will adversely affect core business activities. In addition the error affects most end users
  • Priority 3 – where the software is operational, but its functionality is affected and where a workaround is available and acceptable. It may be impacting upon a single end user only
  • Priority 4 – where the software is useable, but a small flaw has been noticed, usually described as ‘cosmetic’ in nature, affects a single or multiple end users and is not critical to job function

What are the hours of service?

We currently cover London office hours: 9am – 5pm. However, we would like to support projects globally, so if this does not meet your needs please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

How can I keep track of my support requests?

Any registered user can keep track of their support requests via the Support Portal. They are also able to view support requests raised by others in their organisation. In addition, users are sent an email when their support requests are updated.

How is support charged?

Support is charged ‘per incident’, i.e. a set price for any support request, regardless of how long it takes to resolve. ‘Incidents’ are purchased in advance, either individually, or in an ‘incident pack’ of 5 incidents. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your support needs.