The Corda community is buzzing. Since Corda’s open source debut in 2016, we’ve had four full releases. Read the release notes to see Corda’s rapid progress and check out what’s next!

Release cadence

Corda has been on a rapid release cadence since its open source launch. Our planning process includes:

  • Capturing community feedback and requirements.
  • Adding priority information to that based on number of requests.
  • Sorting priorities into a release T minus six weeks from current release completion.
  • Estimating the work for the requirements with Jira story points.
  • Communicating and estimating the delivery date.

Where we’ve been

With the help of our community, Corda has gone through a rapid evolution. Our latest release, Corda 4, is a big deal! Corda 4 includes 1800+ commits, new features, and compatibility with Corda 3.

Corda 1

Corda 2

Corda 3

Corda 4

What’s new in Corda 4?

Official Docker images: Corda 4 adds an Official Corda Docker Image for starting the node. It’s based on Ubuntu and uses the Azul Zulu spin of Java 8.

Signature constraints: A new way to ensure correct CorDapp code is executed to verify transactions for secure and simple upgrades.

Reference states: Transactions can now reference states on ledger without requiring those states to be consumed.

Accounts: Allows business network operators to represent end-users or organizational entities as partitioned accounts on a single node, opening up custodian type applications and new use cases as well as lowering barrier to entry for participants in Corda networks.