Corda Governance

Corda is a collaborative effort and we welcome contributions. To start contributing you can fork our repo and begin making pull requests. Please use descriptive commit messages and follow our coding style guidelines. All contributions to this project are subject to the terms of the Developer Certificate of Origin, reproduced at the bottom of this page. We are honored to have a wide variety of contributors from various organizations which can be viewed on the contributors page of our Github repository.

Mission: Corda is an open source project with the aim of developing a distributed ledger platform for use across a variety of industries. Corda was designed and developed to apply the concepts of blockchain and smart contract technologies to the requirements of modern business transactions. It is unique in its aim to build a platform for businesses to transact freely with any counter-party while retaining strict privacy. Corda is provided as an implementation of this vision in a code base to which others are free to build on, contribute to or innovate around. The mission of Corda is further detailed in the Corda platform white paper.

Scope: The scope of the Corda open source project is to build the capabilities required for an instance of Corda meeting the definition in the Corda Technical Whitepaper to be able to transact with any other instance of Corda freely and successfully in a production environment. The Corda Technical White Paper is a living document that is under the governance of the Corda Technical Steering Committee and updated from time to time. The project is limited to the requirements required to meet this definition; capabilities that are not related to this definition will not be accepted into the Corda code base. This is because we believe Corda is distinguished by its coherent design and minimalist approach, and we seek to retain this defining characteristic. We anticipate, and encourage, related projects or commercial offerings to arise outside of Corda that enhance these core capabilities.

Support: The project is supported and maintained by R3, an alliance of over two hundred firms working together to build and maintain this open source enterprise blockchain platform. R3 also maintains and distributes a commercial distribution of Corda and we expect other firms also to develop commercial distributions in the future on this open base. Our vision is that these distributions be compatible and interoperable, and our contribution and code review guidelines are designed in part to enable this.