Join us on Slack for live chat with almost 4,000 members from both R3 and the wider community.

Office Hours

R3’s developer relations team hosts office hours weekly. Join us here every Wednesday at 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. UK time.


R3’s developer relations team hosts regular meetups in London whilst a whole host of other meetups take place around the world, often rub the community. If you're interested in running a Corda meetup, reach out to us at
See all our meetups here


Bootcamps are free one day courses run by R3’s developer relations team. Aimed at those new to blockchain or Corda's blockchain platform and want to learn about the platform and develop their own CorDapp.
If you're interested in attending or want to host your own, go here

Stack Overflow

Stuck on a problem? Check out the Technical Q&A on Stack Overflow

Developer Relations

A lot of the community activities are organised and hosted by the R3 Developer Relations team, Joel Dudley, Cais Manai and Eric McEvoy