Participate in Corda's development

Corda was developed by R3 in collaboration with over 200 technology and industry partners. You can participate in building the open source blockchain platform that will underpin modern commerce in a multitude of ways. We design and deliver in an open process inclusive of a wide range of stakeholders.

200+ organisations
contributing to Corda

Open Source

Corda is an open source project. The source code is freely available in our GitHub repository under an Apache 2 license.

Open Design

We design and develop in the open. You can join in and help us drive designs that meet your requirements.

Open Development

Join the more than 200 organisations working on Corda with a contribution of your own.


Corda's design and development process are open to public review. We welcome insightful commentary on design decisions and hope you represent your unique use cases in our design and development process. The development team runs regular sessions for design reviews and publish those after to YouTube for open commentary and review.

  • Mailing lists. Join our development or announce mailing list, where we actively discuss Corda's architecture and future direction.

  • Design review board. Our design review sessions are announced via our mailing list. You can view past sessions on our YouTube channel.

  • Meetups. We have community meetups happening in over 14 countries. Meet like-minded peers in person.


We welcome code contributions to help advance the platform. While we welcome contributions we maintain the quality level Corda is known for. Contributions should be within the scope of Corda's objectives.

Organizations supporting Corda

Over 200 of the world's largest technology and industry organisations use, support, or contribute to Corda. Some of the most prominent members of the Corda ecosystem are listed below.