Corda101 interactive learning sessions for beginners

July 31, 2020

Join me on our first Corda101 interactive learning sessions for beginners!

You will master how to build CordApps (distributed applications on Corda).

No prerequisite is needed – coding will be done in the ONLINE IDE.
The lecture is just 60 minutes long.

In the first session, you will learn the basics of Corda Network, Nodes and Flows in Corda – enough to build your first “Hello World!” CordaApp!

In the second session, you will be taught how to message to other nodes in the network, Subflows (library of convenience functionalities) and you will write a simple Cordapp on concurrent execution.

In future sessions, you will learn how to persist data (on-ledger and off-ledger – and I will explain the difference between these two;) ), what are state and contract, introduce noting of services, client-server, flows across restarts, how to create RPC client. And, in the end, we will write together a trade finance example.

I want your feedback during every session – a quick couple of questions for me to understand whether I did a good job explaining things – if we need to reiterate some of the topics or explain from a different perspective.

Everyone is welcome! I’m running these sessions for WomenWhoCode in Blockchain.

Dr. Iryna Tsimashenka


July 31


03:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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Zürich Corda Blockchain Meetup

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Zürich Corda Blockchain Meetup