Corda was developed by R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm, in collaboration with over 200 technology and industry partners. Today, Corda is backed by a vibrant community of blockchain/DLT developers continuously adding new features, functionality and more.

Want to learn more? Read how it all began in the Corda Technical Whitepaper here.


November 2015
First GitHub commit
April 2016
Corda was first introduced
November 2016
Corda goes open source
September 2017
CordaCon, R3’s flagship conference, launches
October 2017
Corda 1 brings API stability
November 2017
Corda 2 is launched
March 2018
Corda 3 brings wire stability
September 2018
CordaCon doubles in size
February 2019
Corda 4 releases with 1800+ commits!