Code contribution guidelines

Corda is a collaborative effort and we welcome contributions.

Corda is backed by a robust community of blockchain developers working on enhancements for added features and functionality. We are honored to have a wide variety of contributors from various organizations viewable on the contributors page of our Github repository.

We welcome contributions, bug fixes, and more!

Full Guidelines Contributors

Contribution criteria


Code quality meets the Corda coding guidelines, including sufficient test-cases, evidence that the contribution does not break any compatibility commitments or cause adverse feature interactions, and evidence of high-quality peer-review.


If the feature will require ongoing maintenance (eg support for a particular brand of database),
the contributor must accept responsibility for maintaining this feature.


The Corda project’s culture is one of small pull-requests, regularly submitted. The larger a pull-
request, the more likely it is that you will be asked to resubmit as a series of sell-contained and
individually reviewable smaller PRs.


If the contribution creates features that already exist or are already in progress, you may be
asked to work with the project maintainers to reconcile this. As the major contributor to Corda,
many R3 employees will be working on features at any given time. To avoid surprises and
foster transparency, our work tracking system, Jira, is public. In addition, the maintainers and
developers on the project are available on the #design channel of our Slack and they would
be delighted to discuss any work you plan to do.