Corda Sample Code Series: Accounts Walk-through

November 26, 2020 Online


November 26


02:30 pm - 03:30 pm

During this webinar, we will walk you through one of the CorDapp samples available in our Github repository. The sample features a CorDapp that leverages the Corda Accounts library. The accounts feature allows you to scale your application with the ability to run a single node that can represent all of the identities as accounts on that node. Learn more about Accounts here.

During this webinar, R3’s Developer Relations Team will do a code walk-through of the sample application. You will learn how the Corda Accounts library is integrated into the application and we’ll help you to understand the considerations that should be taken when writing accounts-enabled CorDapps. At the end of the webinar, you should be able to fully utilize the power of the accounts library and equip your own CorDapp with Accounts.

This webinar is focused on developers who have a preliminary theoretical knowledge of the Corda blockchain platform and the Accounts features but want to better understand how to implement them.

This webinar will take place at 2.30 IST on November 26.