Corda Immersion Blockchain Workshop Basel (10am-12pm, Dec 14th)

December 14, 2018 Basel


Hyperion Hotel Basel

12 Messeplatz, 4058 Basel

Basel, BS, CH, 4058

The demand for blockchain technologies is proliferating across industries, and Corda is leading the way in the business space.

The Corda developer relations team will lead this free two-hour deep dive into the Corda Blockchain platform. We’ll introduce you to key technical concepts underpinning the platform, talk about use-cases in production and demonstrate the platform live.

The event will take place in the Amsterdam room of the Hyperion Hotel, one minute from Basel’s Hyperledger Global Forum.

Seats for the Corda Workshop are limited and free of charge, so be sure to secure yours as soon as possible. Register now!