Corda Developer Training - Shanghai

March 23 - March 24, 2017 Shanghai


This course is an intensive two-day session targeting developers that will allow students to leave with unparalleled skills in developing financial grade distributed applications.  Students will leave with the ability to develop CorDapps as well as understand the security, network design and other aspects of the architecture of these distributed ‘smart contracts’. Learn directly from the team that is building the Corda platform.

Course Agenda Background Learn the background of blockchain and the technologies it inspired as well as the enabling technologies.

Corda overview Learn the overall architecture, key concepts and components of Corda.

Corda Contracts Understand the various components of a Corda smart contract and how they interact with each other; States, contract code and legal prose.

Corda transactions Learn how information flows between parties to a contract in a trustless environment and executes a complex protocol that results in a trusted state transition.

The Corda Node Know how the node is designed, what it can do, what it can't do Know what services/APIs the node offers.

The Corda network Understand how a Corda network is structured and how data flows between nodes on the network.

CorDapps Understand the Corda plugin framework and how to develop CorDapps.