Corda Developer Bootcamp: Accounts - APAC (Mandarin)

June 18, 2020 Online

Corda Developer Bootcamp: Accounts – APAC (Mandarin)

Join us for a virtual Corda Developer Accounts Bootcamp!

With the basics of Corda under your belt we will take you to the next level of your Corda distributed application (CorDapp). In this boot camp we’ll help you learn how to use accounts capabilities. Accounts give a developer the ability to support many identities within a single node. This capability helps Corda scale to support many end users who may not require a dedicated node.

This is a code first course. We assume you’re familiar with Java and have developed a basic CorDapp. Otherwise, we provide everything you need to develop an accounts enabled CorDapp.

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参加我们Corda Accounts的线上直播!我们将带您逐步了解如何设计并且开发一款面向消费者群体的区块链程序。

在这次训练营中,我们将讲述如何运用 Corda Accounts 使开发者能够在单个节点中支持多重身份, 为程序扩张用户群体。快来登记参加!


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