This page hosts standalone Corda-related tools and utilities only. To get the Corda source code and templates, check out our GitHub repository.



DemoBench is a standalone desktop application that makes it easy to configure and launch local Corda nodes. It is useful for training sessions, demos or just experimentation. Documentation for DemoBench can be found at


OS File name Version Release date SHA256 hash
Windows DemoBench-0.10.1.exe 0.10.1 07-Apr-2017 fc5b08b1392536cfdcf34aadfd9f9ee531cc6344cb0d97c6d73a3b3d097de70c
MacOSX DemoBench-0.10.1.dmg 0.10.1 07-Apr-2017 a37dc3ced5e0b25e69b437e7f795cf836318a7b039b8d448feeeeb31a6559617


DemoBench is provided as Open Source software under the Apache 2.0 license. Source code for DemoBench can be found in the Corda GitHub repo.