DemoBench for Corda 3.1

DemoBench is a standalone desktop application that makes it easy to configure and launch local Corda nodes. It is useful for training sessions, demos and experimentation.

Documentation for DemoBench can be found here, including instructions for building a Linux installer.

DemoBench is provided as Open Source software under the Apache 2.0 license.


Blob Inspector

With Corda 3 we guaranteed a wire-stable AMQP serialisation format. As a binary format, it has various advantages over text-based protocols, but also has the same downside: lack of human-readability.

The Blob Inspector fills this gap. Given a file path or URL, it will display the contents of Corda blobs in pretty YAML or JSON.

The Blob Inspector can be downloaded here. Documentation for the Blob Inspector can be found here.