Get started developing on Corda and create your first own killer distributed application.

Learn the key concepts

The best starting off point for a developer new to Corda is the introductory white paper. We also have online training for the key concepts, which are key to understanding how Corda differs to other platforms with which you may be familiar. If you are more technically minded then grab the Corda Technical White Paper.

Get your hands dirty

The best thing to do is jump in and learn by doing:

Get help

Stuck on a technical question or just looking to connect to like-minded developers? We have some great options:

  • Find our developers and peers on on Slack.
  • Find technical answers and post questions on Stack Overflow
  • Still stuck? Join our weekly “office hours”, where Corda developers are available to help you with your sticky questions.

Finally, like any serious developer you should definitely take the time to review the docsite. This, in fact, is really worth reading it from top to bottom.


Learn better in person? Corda training partners can help with two day immersive training. Learn more.