CordaCon – Sept 12th in London

The R3 Engineering team are excited to announce our first Corda Conference – CordaCon – a free full day technical conference.

September 12th in London we are putting on a full day of the best technical sessions you can attend for the DLT space.  Join us to hear from R3’s engineers on how Corda is tackling the engineering problems of privacy, performance, consensus and other hot topics.  Also hear from three great external speakers such as Marley Gray from Microsoft and two others to be announced shortly.

You’ll leave an expert on the nitty gritty of distributed ledgers not just the marketing hype!


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Topics and speakers

Keynote address
An exciting external speaker – stay tuned!

Distributed ledgers – Where we’ve been and where we are going
Richard G Brown, R3

Corda 1.0 Preview
James Carlyle & Roger Willis, R3

Corda in the Enterprise with Tibco
Mike Kennedy, Tibco

Corda’s notary unpacked
Andrius Dagys, R3

Breaking into the Corda’s ‘Vault’
Jose Coll, R3

Class Carpentry and Serialisation in Corda
Katelyn Baker, R3

Enterprise grade DLT in the Cloud
Marley Gray, Microsoft

Decrypting the future of privacy with ZKP, SGX
Mike Hearn and Konstantinos Chalkias, R3

Cash in the world of distributed ledgers
Dave Hudson, R3

The speakers

Marley Gray, Microsoft
Marley Gray currently serves as the Principal Architect for the Azure Blockchain Engineering team leading the design and development of Microsoft’s Blockchain Middleware platform code named – “Bletchley. His information technology career spans more than 25 years where he specialises in software development, architecture and platform strategy matched with 17 years immersed within financial services. Marley is the founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and currently serves on the board of directors.


Mike Kennedy, Tibco

Mike leads several product groups for TIBCO, mainly focusing on specialized products for finance and healthcare.  He has worked in enterprise integration and analytics for over 20 years. Mike loves solving tough mission critical problems through technology.  He still writes code.



Mike Hearn, R3

Mike is lead engineer at R3. He has over five years of experience with bitcoin, Blockchain and distributed  ledger systems, and has spent nearly eight years at Google, where he was a senior software engineer. One of the world’s first developers of software for the bitcoin platform, including its smart contract capabilities, he developed the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet software.


Richard Gendal Brown
Richard is the CTO at R3 and one of the world’s leading authorities on distributed ledger systems and architectures. Previously, Richard was the Executive Architect for Banking and Financial Markets industry innovation at IBM UK where he worked for fifteen years in various roles. He is a Charted Engineer, holds an MBA from Warwich Business School and a first-class degree in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge.



Roger Willis
Roger is the Lead Developer Relations at R3 and a true evangelist and advocate for Corda. Most of his time is spent teaching the key principles underpinning Corda as well as how to build apps using the platform. He works closely with the Corda platform development team, testing out new features and providing feedback which may also be captured from the wider community.