Certificate revocation and expiry

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As we prepare for the first Corda compatibility zone, R3Net, we have been receiving questions from customers about our planned approach to certificate revocation and expiry. This blog post is not a formal certificate policy document, but outlines some of our thinking so we can gather feedback before implementation. If there are any questions please […]

Compatibility and upgrades

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Business networks and compatibility zones Many P2P blockchain systems have some concept of a “network” – a set of configuration parameters that have to be shared for nodes to talk to each other. In the Bitcoin protocol these are things like the hash of the genesis block, the difficulty retargeting intervals, the inflation formula and […]

Continuations and the JVM

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The Corda flow framework provides a lot of functionality for implementing complex multi-party workflows, which are a key part of essentially every blockchain/DLT-based app. The framework is built on top of another open source library called Quasar, produced by a company called Parallel Universe. R3 has a commercial support agreement with Parallel Universe which enables […]

Why we set up Corda Support

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When we first open sourced Corda back in November 2016 we hoped that a community would build up around it and start developing Corda applications. Nine months on and we’re delighted with the results – there is now a thriving Corda community of developers who engage with us through many different channels. Over 400 developers […]

SGX in Corda, the film

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For those of you who prefer video to blog posts, we have now published a talk on how Corda is using Intel SGX. It’s intended to be easy to understand including for those of you on the business side who are new to hardware security.

Corda and SGX: a privacy update

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In this technical update I want to share something a little bit special – a privacy upgrade to Corda based on Intel’s Software Guard Extensions technology (SGX). We first talked about this last year in our technical whitepaper (p51) and now is the time to provide the technical community with more information on where we’re heading. […]

Corda, SQL and NoSQL

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Corda differs from other platforms in numerous ways, but one of the most visible is our usage of relational database technology. Sometimes people query this – aren’t we swimming against the tide, which seems to be flowing away from SQL and conventional databases? The answer is no. In this post I’d like to explain why […]

CorDapp Changes Introduced by Milestone 12

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A large number of API improvements have been included in the Corda beta release (milestone 12), in preparation for API stabilisation later in the year. I wanted to talk about how those changes affect developers and how to migrate an existing CorDapp to Corda milestone 12. Note that for simplicity this post focuses on the […]