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When people start looking at Corda’s code the things they notice immediately is that it’s written in Kotlin, a new programming language from JetBrains that targets the JVM and Javascript. This was an unusual choice, so in this post I’ll give some background on why we did it and discuss experiences from our “year of enterprise Kotlin”. Why […]

The Node Explorer

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The Node Explorer – affectionately known internally as the James Bond Viewer – is a new graphical user interface that allows you to experience a Corda network from the viewpoint of an individual node owner – exploring the network map, managing your assets, and viewing any transactions you’ve been involved in. You can see a video […]

Integration with internal systems

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Any developer working with a distributed ledger of any kind faces the question of how to integrate this new-fangled database with internal systems. By systems, I mean both software and human-oriented business processes. As a decentralised database is not a “company in a box” no matter how sophisticated it is, such integration is inevitable and not […]

Rationale for and tradeoffs in adopting a UTXO-style model

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Corda is designed with the explicit aim of avoiding, to the extent possible, the scalability and privacy implications that arise from the use of global broadcast and the “global computer” data model. Whilst the privacy implications of global broadcast are easy to understand, the scalability implications are perhaps more subtle. In a consensus system, it is […]

The road ahead

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The code we open sourced yesterday represents about a year’s worth of work. Starting with one developer and a blank screen, we have steadily built up a team and codebase from scratch. I want to discuss the software a bit, and then talk about the roadmap from here on out. The story so far The […]

R3 Corda: What Makes It Different

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As reported by Reuters last week, Corda, the Distributed Ledger platform we’ve been working hard on at R3 for the last year at will be open sourced on November 30. What is it? Why are we building it? What happens next? Corda is a distributed ledger platform designed and built from the ground up for the […]