The Corda difference

Corda ecosystem participants

The Corda platform is built for
business and longevity.

Traditional blockchain platforms lack privacy and finality. Corda open source was built to address these shortcomings, enabling private transactions with immediate finality.


+ Privacy

Unlike permissionless blockchain networks, transaction data between parties on Corda is private.


+ Interoperability

Businesses should be able to transact directly, seamlessly and securely. That’s why all versions of Corda—free and commercial—can interoperate with each other on Corda Network.

Flexible & agile

+ Flexible & agile

Corda is a flexible, agile platform that scales to meet business needs. Get started quickly on Corda and easily migrate to Corda Enterprise, as business requirements evolve.

Open design

+ Open design

Corda is an open source platform. Openness is rooted in R3’s heritage as a collaborative group of firms working to deliver blockchain suitable for any business.

Open development

+ Open development

Corda is backed by a robust community of developers working on enhancements, added features, functionality, and more.

Blockchain potential for all industries

CorDapps, or applications built on Corda, are built to transform businesses in finance, insurance, healthcare, energy, and more. Check them out!

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