Why we set up Corda Support

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James Carlyle

James Carlyle is the Chief Engineer of R3, and is focused on defining and building Corda. Previously, James was Chief Engineer within Corporate Banking at Barclays, where he designed and delivered the bank’s US banking and Dollar clearing platforms and Corporate internet channel. Before Barclays, James co-founded 2 startups and holds patents in mobile data search and directory technology. He is a Chartered Engineer, holds a degree in Engineering Science from University College, Durham, and is a fluent Japanese speaker from his earlier career in industrial engineering in Japan.

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When we first open sourced Corda back in November 2016 we hoped that a community would build up around it and start developing Corda applications. Nine months on and we’re delighted with the results – there is now a thriving Corda community of developers who engage with us through many different channels. Over 400 developers have been through Corda training, there is an ever-increasing number of Corda Meetup groups around the world, many people use our Corda Slack, Discourse and StackOverflow channels, and starting last week we’ve opened up our regular Corda Architecture Working Group call to the whole Corda community. To cap it all, in September we’ll be running the very first CordaCon, a conference wholly focused on all things Corda.


We also hoped that software vendors and systems integrators would start developing with Corda, and in recent months we’ve been approached by many different companies working on Corda solutions, with users eager to deploy pilots into production in 2017. While the existing channels provide an invaluable source of information for these companies, we realised that if they were going to be able to deliver enterprise-grade Corda applications they’d want more formal support. And we knew that when Corda implementations go live the organisations running them will need professional support contracts in place for their Corda software. All of which led us to set up Corda Support, an enterprise-grade support service for Corda implementations, offering professional support from our team of Corda support engineers and developers. We’re delighted to announce that Corda Support is now officially available, and we’re ramping up our team to meet the demand. This represents another leap forward for Corda – not only do developers have an industry-leading platform to develop on, they now have the reassurance of a professional support service to provide assistance.


And we haven’t forgotten about our broader Corda community – we will continue to engage with and provide informal support to developers everywhere via our Corda Slack, Discourse and StackOverflow channels.


For organisations wishing to register for Corda Support, please visit or email [email protected] for more details.

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