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James Carlyle

James Carlyle is the Chief Engineer of R3, and is focused on defining and building Corda. Previously, James was Chief Engineer within Corporate Banking at Barclays, where he designed and delivered the bank’s US banking and Dollar clearing platforms and Corporate internet channel. Before Barclays, James co-founded 2 startups and holds patents in mobile data search and directory technology. He is a Chartered Engineer, holds a degree in Engineering Science from University College, Durham, and is a fluent Japanese speaker from his earlier career in industrial engineering in Japan.

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Following hot on the heels of the release of Corda Beta, we are delighted to announce that we will shortly be launching Corda Support – an enterprise-grade support service for Corda implementations.

As interest in Corda continues to grow massively, and with users looking to deploy Corda into production in 2017, R3 is committed to helping make Corda deployments successful for mission critical applications. To enable this and to provide businesses with the required level of professional support, we will have a team of Corda experts on hand to help address any incidents encountered with Corda deployments. We will also be offering professional development support for organisations developing Corda solutions, providing access to our team to help resolve issues encountered with Corda during your development cycle.

This represents another leap forward for Corda – not only do developers have an industry-leading platform to develop on, they now have the reassurance of a professional support service to provide assistance with any incidents. But we’re not stopping here – our development team are already hard at work on Corda 1.0, when we will commit to API compatibility. Developers will be able to take apps deployed on  Corda 1.0 and migrate them to run on future versions of Corda unchanged, providing yet another reason why Corda is the leading DLT platform.

For organisations wishing to register for Corda Support, please contact [email protected]

We will continue to provide support to our development partners and, along with our burgeoning open-source community, we continue to provide informal support to developers everywhere via our Corda Slack channel and our Discourse forum.

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