Corda M11.1 Released

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Clinton Alexander

Software Engineer at R3
Clinton is a Software Engineer at R3, working on Corda. His main area of focus has been the Corda platform and CorDapp ecosystem.

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We are pleased to announce the latest Corda milestone update, M11.1. This is a stability improvement release, it is strongly recommended to upgrade.

Release Notes

  • Fix serialisation error when starting a flow.
  • Automatically whitelist subclasses of InputStream when serialising.
  • Fix exception in DemoBench on Windows when loading CorDapps into the Node Explorer.
  • Detect when localhost resolution is broken on MacOSX, and provide instructions on how to fix it.

For a full list of changes please see the changelog.


  1. @Clintonio So still not Git guru level, but I wonder why can’t we just basically do a GIT update project from within IDEA and then checkout the release in question, gradle clean, build etc

  2. well, the answer maybe is that it seems to be a PITA , can’t figure out how to do so

  3. mike says:

    You can. If you have the corda repository checked out, just do git fetch && git checkout release-M11.1 && ./gradlew install

  4. Hi Charles,

    Are you working on a Cordapp? If so it’s just a matter of changing ext.corda_version and ext.corda_gradle_plugins_version in your build.gradles to the ones in the version you wish to upgrade to (which are mentioned in the Slack announcement). After that you may have some API breakages that need to be fixed and the release notes typically explain that.

  5. K, I also. Play around with Corda core mods and don’t know Git well enough yet to keep up, need to bite bullet and learn it already

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