Corda M8.1 released

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Clinton Alexander

Software Engineer at R3
Clinton is a Software Engineer at R3, working on Corda. His main area of focus has been the Corda platform and CorDapp ecosystem.

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We are releasing the M8.1 patch to our latest M8 milestone to fix a startup race that could occur when a node and its web server are started in parallel.

Upgrading is recommended if your CorDapps use the bundled web server or you have CorDapps depending on other CorDapps. This change has no API changes.

You can read the documentation, and download the code from the release-M8 branch in our git repository. It is also available via Maven Central/JCenter and so you can upgrade your CorDapps to use it by switching to version 0.8.1 in your build files.

Release Notes

  • Fix: The race condition causing webservers to crash during startup.
  • Fix: Cordformation correctly includes and excludes dependent Cordapps when deploying nodes.

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