The potential of blockchain
The promise of blockchain is to bring massive efficiencies and open net new business opportunities. Blockchain achieves this by enabling organizations to transact directly, form binding contracts and exchange real value.

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Blockchain made for business
The first generation of blockchain platforms were not designed for business. They lack key characteristics demanded by business including privacy and finality. Corda was designed from the start for business. Corda's smart contracts enable privacy and finality across any agreement or asset type.

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Proven technology
Corda is built on proven, familiar technologies. It is the blockchain for the world's 9 million Java developers. Corda uses enterprise technologies such as a relational databases and AMQP. Corda's architecture focuses on a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), greater resilience and easier deployments.

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Developer Productivity
Step into your first smart contract by following our developer learning path. The Corda community is here to help with resources such as tutorials, code samples, videos.

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Open Source
Corda is an active open source project. It is free to use and available with an Apache 2 license. We made Corda open source so you can build with confidence.

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Corda is actively developed by R3 and over 200 technology and industry partners. You can benefit from the outcome of 100's of projects run by this community, applying blockchain across industries. Join the industry leaders putting blockchain to work.

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Organizations using Corda

Corda was developed by R3 in collaboration with over 200 technology and industry partners. Some of the prominent members of this vibrant ecosystem are:

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