Start Coding

Get started on your first Corda Application or "CorDapp". There are various paths to getting your first CorDapp built. The docsite is a great place to start. The documents contain an introduction to the key concepts, technology as well as tutorials. Or jump straight into a learning path to get you moving quickly:

Get setup

Corda runs on the Java Virtual Machine. You'll need a few tooling components to get setup. Note IntelliJ is not required but is our recommended IDE. Learn more in the getting setup.

Learn Key Concepts

Blockchain brings together a number of new concepts and technologies. We have pulled together a number of resources to help you get up to speed quickly on these technologies.

Get Help

Corda has a thriving community here to help. Use the resources below to get answers to questions. Check out our participate page where you can find mailing lists and other community resources.

Training and Certification

Want to show off your Corda skills on your LinkedIn profile? Prefer to learn in a classroom setting? We have some resources for you